Veterans & Community Outreach Foundation

Serving veterans, youth and people in crisis for over thirty years.


In 1985, Army drill sergeant Victor Lamar Johnson joined forces with five other Vietnam era veterans determined to help people in crisis and struggling veterans in their hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.


The pastor of Antioch Baptist church – Rev. C.C. Cloud – provided space for the outreach program, which organized as the Antioch Veterans Outreach, later renamed Veterans and Community Outreach Foundation.


VCOF’s first established programs were transportation services to the Atlanta VA Hospital, evangelistic street outreach and substance abuse recovery groups. The agency outgrew the basement and moved to a neighborhood house.  VCOF had monthly board meetings and named Johnson as CEO/President. Three volunteer staff members provided administrative support.


VCOF began to focus on children whose parents were battling substance abuse addiction and/or were incarcerated. The “house of faith and hope” was a safe haven for these children at-risk of repeating their parent’s criminal behaviors.  VCOF offered comprehensive services to the students through academic and social development programs.


In 1988, VCOF reached out to older youth who were unable to participate in school-based athletic programs due to student misbehavior or family economic issues. Unity Basketball League was created as a gateway into these young adults’ lives through mentoring, crisis intervention and judicial advocacy.


In May 1990, VCOF was incorporated under the Secretary of the State of Georgia and received its first federal grant under HUD for a computer lab in a nearby government housing complex.  Hall County Government and Gainesville City School Board supported the program which provided residents with technology training to enhance their personal development and prepare them for a competitive job market.


A major turning point for VCOF occurred in 2000 when it relocated to a 3,000 square foot facility – the C.C. Cloud Youth Center – due to an increase in youth served, staff and program expansion. However, due to the economic downturn, the facility was forced to close its physical building location. The programming and community involvement continues through the work of involved staff and volunteers at a variety of outside venues.


Rev. C.C. Cloud served as pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA for many years and his life touched many in this community, throughout the state of Georgia and nation.  VCOF honors Rev. Cloud's compassionate nature and commitment to his faith. Rev. Cloud's mission - calling people to service - lives on.