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Improving the Lives of Children, Strengthening Families

VCOF Youth Programs assist at-risk youth who may be more susceptible to self-destructive behaviors due to unstable homelife. In 1987, VCOF recognized the special needs of children whose parents were active military, veterans, battling substance abuse addiction or were incarcerated.

Youth Programs include after school, summer camp and community weekend recreation providing structured educational, art, recreational and intervention programming. The youth programs emphasize leadership development, community engagement and service to others. 

VCOF recognizes that quality childcare is a buffer against unemployment and homelessness for veterans and low-income families. Our youth programs are open to all children from military or non-military families.

Ongoing Programs

"I Can Make a Difference"
Ms. Donna Lockwood-Sims' program for troubled youth on 3 stages: national, state and local. Promotes self-esteem, the importance of education, and learning societal skills to succeed and make a difference. 

Unity Basketball
Gainesville and surrounding counties. Promotes youth physical activity and teamwork.

Nationally Syndicated Program on Drugs & Violence
Promotes healthy communities and emergency mobilization through the Red Cross and FEMA.

From the desk of Reverand Victor Lamar Johnson

I bring greetins to each of you.  It is hard for me to believe Veterans & Community Outreach Foundation has been reaching out to this great community for twenty-five (25) years.  God has continued to pour out his blessing to this foundation as we have rendered services to the Gainesville/Hall County community and abroad.  I am gracious today to be able to offer our Youth, a generation that is in need of of our help, a great Seminar. 

Our prayer at Veterans & Community Outreach Foundation is for each of you to receive valuable tools today that you can take with you to help you as your continue on life's journey.  My personal prayer for all of you is that you grow up to be productive young men and young women in our community.  For I realize one day soon the generation at hand will take it's seat and yield the reins to you, the Youth of today.  

The goal of Veteran's Outreach Foundation is to do all we can to provide you with the necessary tools you will need to accept the reins and successfully move the community forward in a positive and prosperous way. So to each of you here today, thank you for blessing us with your presence.  Listen well, enjoy, have fun, and get prepared for the future.  Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  

Rev. Victor Lamar Johnson  Founder/CEO VCOF