Veterans & Community Outreach Foundation

Serving veterans, youth and people in crisis for over thirty years.


To see the lives of individuals and their families enriched through holistic community-based programs.



To promote a positive quality of life for economically disadvantaged youth and their families, honored veterans and current/ex-offenders through social services and community advocacy.




- Development of Healthy Self-Esteem
VCOF identifies a person's self-image and encourages their commitment to lifestyle change.
- A Spiritual Belief System
VCOF believes a person's faith is expressed through daily behavior choices and promotes regular interaction with support groups and faith communities.
- Hope and Promise of Youth
VCOF focuses on the future of children and invests its resources in supporting their social development and educational goals.
- Community Engagement and Leadership for Social Change
VCOF encourages people to be involved in the community for positive improvement and to speak out against injustice.